Run Google Tasks on your desktop – complete with all the features from the online version thanks to Mozilla Prism.


You can install this via the standalone Mozilla Prism package from the repo’s however i suggest using the Prism Add-On for Firefox – and you’ll see why in a bit!

Firefox Prism Add-On:


Standalone Prism: sudo apt-get install prism


Once installed you need to point your Firefox browser towards one of the following: –


Or you can use a nicer (but far larger!) version designed for Android using: –


Firefox users should now go to tools > Convert Website To Application to “prism’ the tasks app.

Standalone Prism users open Prism and enter either of the above addresses in the URL field of the new Prism App window.

For the best effect with Google Tasks leave all of the navigation/status/etc options unchecked.

Check ‘Install Shortcut On Desktop’. 

Firefox users have the option to change the icon used for the application. You can leave the icon as it is (it will be pixelated, mind)

or you can specify your own one. For Google Tasks i use the following : –

You’ll find the launcher placed on your desktop. You will need to double-click it and mark it as trusted for the icon to show.

You can move this icon anywhere you like! I created a Google Apps entry in my Main Menu where i keep mine: –


You can also create the same effect but using Google Chrome/Chromium. You just need to use the “create  application shortcut” button from the control menu.

Although chrome doesn’t give you an option to change the icon, it’s simple enough to do yourself. Just right click the app shortcut, go to properties, click on the icon and choose a new one!

Google Tasks running Google Chrome
There are big differences between using Chrome or Firefox to make shortcuts – it’s purely down to which browser you use.

That said, any extensions used in Chrome will also work in Chrome Shortcut Apps unlike Prisms which can’t. (E.g adblockers, userstyles, etc)

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