The next version of Gnome-Do will come pre-packaged with several new docklets ” including the GMail docklet pictured above. It sits in your dock and simply informs you of mail via a ‘counter’ and has a handy right-click menu for accessing new mails, your inbox and composing mail.

The Clock Docklet will be themeable, as well as supporting the option to change it to a digital clock.


And even the weather docklet receives some updates with a more informative information panel.

Try Them Now

If you love the sound of these and want them right now, you can easily install them from Gnome-Do’s bzr.

Be warned, however, that this will involve source-code! Ouch!


First things first, install ‘Checkinstall’ to easily undo any potential mishaps!

  • sudo apt-get install checkinstall

You’ll also need Bzr if you don’t already have it

  • sudo apt-get install bzr

You’ll also need to make sure all the required dependences are resolved for Gnome-Do itself.

A safe bet is to simple paste the install all of the following with one command: –

  • sudo aptitude install automake bzr mono-gmcs libmono-cairo2.0-cil gtk-sharp2 libndesk-dbus-glib1.0-cil libndesk-dbus1.0-cil libgnome-vfs2.0-cil libgtk2.0-dev libtool intltool gnome-sharp2 ca-certificates bazaar gnome-keyring-sharp-cli gnome-desktop-sharp2 libgconf2-dev monodevelop-nunit libnotify0.4-cil

Once you’re all done you can grab the source and get ready to compile it! (It’s really easy!)

Open a terminal and paste: –

  • bzr branch lp:do gnome-do

Now we’ll compile it: –

  • cd gnome-do
  • ./
  • make
  • sudo checkinstall

[Checkinstall will present you with some options prior to installation ” these are straightforward enough, just give the package a name and agree to install/move forward by hitting enter]

You should now be able to start Gnome-Do from the Applications > Accessories menu.

Plugins and Docklets

The process is identical to that above.

Open a terminal and paste each line separately: –

  • cd
  • bzr branch lp:do-plugins
  • cd do-plugins
  • ./
  • make
  • sudo checkinstall

And the all important docklets: –

  • cd
  • bzr branch lp:do-plugins/docklets
  • cd docklets
  • ./
  • make
  • sudo checkinstall


You should now be able to configure the docklet within Gnome-Do’s preferences. Remember you’ll need to ENABLE THE GMAIL DOCKLET before it will show up for configuration ” the same with the other docklets!


You can update gnome-do and the docklets/plugins ( and really make sure you do it every few days!) by typing the following in a terminal: –

  • cd gnome-do (or docklets or do-plugins)
  • bzr pull
  • bzr update

And once you have a new version you will need to compile the source and install it again.


This is an experimental version of Gnome-Do’s docklet and may cause instability with the dock.

To remove a BZR version of gnome-do ” providing you have used checkinstall ” is simple: –

  • dpkg ”r gnome-do*

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