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Do launcher says “I ain’t dead”, sees first new release in a year

"It lives!" cries the release announcement and by jove I suspect many will be surprised to hear that the original launcher app 'Do' (formally known as GNOME Do) has been updated this week.

9 December 2010
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Two new screenshots leak of ‘mystery launcher’

We all love a good mystery and the currently unknown ‘launcher app’ we first featured around a week ago continues to bamboozle us, with our ‘source’ today leaking two new screenshots of it in action. […]

17 November 2010
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Is this the first peek at the new look ‘Gnome Do’ launcher?

A trusted source, one wishing to remain anonymous, sent in the following screenshot of what looks like the newly-rewritten [Gnome] Do...

8 November 2010
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whatever you (gnome) do, don’t be long.

Avid GNOME Do enthusiasts, fans and fanatical followers may have noticed that the project hasn’t been up to much of late. The last major update we heard from the Do guys was back in March […]

21 July 2010
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Need a Gnome-Do alternative? Try Kupfer

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty big fans of Gnome-Do around these parts. However, there’s a new little app that, in some ways, might just be drinking Do’s milkshake. Its Kupfer, and no, I […]

14 May 2010
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GNOME Do to get more kick-ass than Chuck Norris

Yesterday evening the jolly folk behind launcher-and-then-some GNOME Do held a meeting to set out some goals for the future of the project. Hold on to your seats, kids. Just Do. First things first, the […]

10 March 2010
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Docky finally removed from GNOME Do

GNOME Do developer Alex Launi announced this morning that, finally, Do and Docky are now separate applications. When we broke the news that Docky and GNOME Do were to split, back in October of last […]

8 March 2010
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Humanity Style Icons: Banshee, Tomboy & GNOME Do

Continuing our series on replacement icons for applications that don’t blend nicely with the Karmic default theme ‘humanity’ we find two new icons one for music player Banshee and the other for note-taking supremo Tomboy. […]

9 November 2009
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The Future Of Docky – Docky Creator Jason Smith Tells Us Why Docky Is Going To Get Even More Awesome

Since the news of Do and Docky’s mutual decision to split to better serve users of both apps, a lot of readers have been left confused, worried and annoyed. Docky Alpha 1 To clear things […]

19 October 2009
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Install Updated Gnome-Do – Now With Awesome GMail Docklet!

The next version of Gnome-Do will come pre-packaged with several new docklets ” including the GMail docklet pictured above. It sits in your dock and simply informs you of mail via a ‘counter’ and has […]

3 September 2009