Gwibber 2.0, next major release of the popular desktop microblogging application for Gnome, will boast many new features, support for more services and sport a newly redesigned interface.

  • Improved first-run set up “wizard”
  • Support for FriendFeed and Facebook Streams API
  • Multiline input textbox
  • Separation of replies and messages
  • Support for viewing individual streams
  • Option to limit number of messages displayed in stream (i.e. Adding a “More” button)
  • Built in search box
  • Message sending filter based on the UI view
  • Public timeline support for Twitter, and Friendfeed



On the cards for future versions is a QT interface, allowing Gwibber to cross platforms from Linux to Windows and OS X!

Also planned for future versions are: –

  • TweetDeck-style multi-column UI
  • Contact lists and message filtering
  • Geolocation and mapping support
  • Integrate GrabberSnap for social imaging (Uploading to Twitpic, etc)
  • Tracking of unread messages

Gwibber 2.0 is still currently in development but (if finished on time) may possibly be shipping as a default application in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala).

Ubuntu plan to fully integrate Gwibber into Karmic Koala and have even dubbed the next release with an unofficial slogan: “Social right from the start”.

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