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Karmic Boot/GDM/Login Screen – Updated Design

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The GDM/Login Screen proposal for Karmic Koala has received a slight update since my last post.

At first glance it appears nothing major has been changed. Looking a bit closer you can see more subtle changes such as a glow around selected user, revised borders and, most notably, the overall colour scheme has been changed to a darker brown ” presumably to better compliment Ubuntu’s ‘Human’ theme. 






I much prefer the new version. The original (above) seemed very steel-like with it’s semi-dark grey’s. The revised GDM  sport a warmer feel on the whole, and that is much more Ubuntu-like!

The revised Boot-screen and login field are both shown below. These too replace the greyish tones with browner ones.

The revised Boot Screen:


Original Boot Screen:



Revised Login Screen: