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Preview Chrome/Chromium’s New Tab Page

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Chromium (Google Chrome’s test-bed version) is now sporting a new tab page with a rearranged look and a hint at extras to come later!

Removing tabs is a simple ‘hover over, choose ‘x’) affair; you can also ‘pin’ sites and ‘edit’ their URL, too.

Browsing history and recent downloads now sit at the bottom of the tab page alongside a brand-new “recommended” section. This currently onl has the title “Even more” and “What will we put here?” as it’s body. Intriguing!

The site thumbnails now have different viewing options – you can have the standard ‘thumbnails’, change to a list view (above) or hide them completely. The ‘History’ and ‘Recommend’ sections at the bottom can also be hidden so no worries about over-the-shoulder snoopers!

It seems that the thumbnails can be dragged around into a different order/to rearrange them. it’s not actually implemented yet but the mouse lets you ‘grab’ each thumbnail so expect this to pop up in later snapshots!

To enable the new tab page add –new-new-tab-page to your shortcut command.

E.G. From a terminal run chromium-browser –new-new-tab-page