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Weather Wallpapers For Gnome

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

I love KDE’s “Weather Wallpaper” plug-in. It automatically changes your desktop background to a high-resolution photo of your local weather conditions, like so:-


For Gnome, however, the choices are a little more… well… ‘Gnome’.

Let’s take a quick look at some Gnome solutions to getting the weather report as your wallpaper.

Weather Wallpaper Applet

Hmm. Already I’m not feeling it: it uses .SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) images to display the time and the weather which if you use a widescreen or high-res monitor results will be a fuzzy, piexelated backdrop that just looks – to be honest – rubbish.

If it does float your boat, you can grab the it here (thanks Nathan!)

Dynamic Wallpaper

When i first saw ‘Dynamic Wallpaper’ on i instantly thought “not bad looking!”. The tree design in the screenshot (above) really sells the concept well.

In reality it is just a modified version of ‘Weather Wallpaper’ with the graphics almost sorted out. It still suffers from various resolution problems on Widescreen monitors (resulting in landscapes that don’t touch the sides or tree’s that sit in the middle of the screen). Some of the images for various conditions just look dodgy – If the images were all as elegant and well though out as the Autumn screenshot above this would be a great application.

It does present itself much nicer than the first example and comes with a selection of different themes, though these still stretch the definition of ‘aesthetically pleasing’.

Grab it @
And… That’s it!

Sadly these two ‘efforts’ are all that i could find.

Do you know of any other solutions? Are you working on something right now? Think it’s a good/bad/awful idea? Let me know in the comments!