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Simple Video Editor For Ubuntu

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Linux in general has all the software you could need… but a lot of it is either clumsy to use or just trying to do too much. A great example of this is video editing applications. For most users all they require is something akin to Windows Movie Maker; a simple application with a simple interface that doesn’t require reading a manual or 400 page PDF just to trim a clip!

Thankfully, times are changing and there is a great application for both novices and advanced users alike that doesn’t have a UI stuck in 1995!



PiTiVi is an application designed to take into account

“..the fact that not everybody has the same knowledge of video editing, nor the same needs, PiTIVi provides several ways of creating and modifying a timeline. Ranging from a simple synopsis view (a-la iMovie) to the full-blown editing view (aka Complex View) which puts you in complete control of your editing.”

The great thing about this application is what it’s built with:

It is written in Python for the high-level logic and user interfaces. This enables fast development time, as well as easy extension of any PiTiVi component through native python plugins.

The multimedia importing and processing is handled by the GStreamer multimedia framework, and the processing complexity of non-linear editing is handled by the GNonLin editing plugins. 

As the project is still under early development there are key features missing. Namley ” titling, under/redo, transitions and effects. This are all in the PiTiVi roadmap, so will appear very soon!

For more information ” or to download ” check out the PiTiVi homepage by clicking here.