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Emesene – Now with webcam & Jaunty notification support

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.


Of all the various IM clients for Ubuntu, i always find myself drawn to Emesene ” mainly because my IM contacts are all MSN based and Emesene (say the name aloud!) is modelled on an MSN experience rather than, say, gTalk or AIM.

If you’ve installed Emesene via Synaptic or Add/Remove, you may have noticed it has some features missing, most notably webcam support. The repo’s don’t give you the option to install the version of Emesene that HAS WEBCAM SUPPORT! Yes, serious!

Emesene Crazy

I won’t go into the history of Emesene or it’s recent “merger” with the aMSN 2 team, i’ll just say that the version you can install from add/remove is version 1.0 and Emesne Crazy is version 1.4.8.

What’s new in 1.4.8?

– no more gui locks
– compatible with latest window live messenger (wlm 9, or 14)
webcam sending and receiving
– fixed various bugs (reconnect counter, windows files) by various authors
– working and useful plugins
– proxy support
new ubuntu notifications support

All of this make it a vital upgrade if you spend lots of time using MSN etc.

To install just grab a .deb below.

Intrepid 32bit .deb

Jaunty 32bit .deb

x64 bit users, you’re advised to use the source (grr) and it seems webcam doesn’t work either ” which kind of defeat the point. You do wonder why devs live in the dark ages and neglect x64 bit, but hey! I’d ask on the Emesene forum but they’re well… very unfriendly.

Tar.gz for x64 users ” extract and run from directory.