Gnome 2.26 has arrived and will be in Jaunty for sure.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the mode notable new features and upgrade.

1. Brasero

Brasero is now the default cd/dvd burning application in Gnome meaning that it’s integrated into various other gnome apps allowing for quicker access to burn features from within those programmes.


2. Evolution

The Evolution mail client now supports two new features:

  • Importing Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange’s MAPI protocol

If you don’t know what those are all about then you’ probably don’t need to; they’re purely to help users migrate data from Window’s and OutLook to Evolution.

3. Volume Control integrated with PulseAudio

This is pretty neat and will really come into it’s own in the next version of Ubuntu as it will ship with the updated version of PulseAudio that supports per-application sound levels. It also supports those who still use Gstreamer.


4. Empathy now supports webcams and file transfer

The official Gnome instant messenger ‘Empathy; proves it’s maturing along nicely by adding support for video calling (webcams) and file transfer (where supported) as well as introducing sound themes and notifications and an “improved VoIP experience.” Makes you wonder why bother with Ekiga…

5.  Epiphany gets an Awesome Bar

I use the Gnome web browser Epiphany as it’s a lot faster to launch and to browse than Firefox (even on my beefy system). Gnome 2.26 chucks an awesome bar in Epiphany’s direction.


6. Tweaks, fixes and eye-candy!

Of course, this new version of Gnome fixes stability issues, bugs and more. An ‘of note’ feature for eye-candy enthusiasts will be Gnome 2.26’s new visual effects, such as the panels sliding in and out at login and logout, and crossfading desktop backgrounds.

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