Battery Screenlet

This first one is a very simple battery screenlet that displays your real-time battery power as a graphic. 


It’s icon is based on the Tango battery icon, so it integrates well into the Gnome desktop.

Download from Gnome-Look @


This one is slightly more informative, providing the user with info on:
  • remaining capacity in percentage
  • battery health in percentage
  • remaining time to be discharged/charged
  • design capacity in mAh
  • last full capacity in mAh
  • remaining capacity in mAh
  • charging state

It also has a ‘minimode’, can support multiple battery systems and provides a notification when your battery is low.

Download from gnome-look @

ACPI Battery Screenlet Theme

This last one is just a theme for the default battery screenlet that ships as default with Screenlets. Install it as you would install any extra theme by opening up the screenlet manager, selecting the screenlet and dragging the theme into the window!

Download from Gnome-Look @

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