A new version of the OS X only browser ‘Camino’ was released a little while ago.

This version includes, amongst other things: –

  • Better tab support for when you have lots of tabs open.
  • Toolbar search editor
  • A new sleek ‘Find’ toolbar
  • Improved Apple Script support

It still packs in all the crowd pleasing favourites such as integrated ad-blocking, flash blocking nand session management and it’s very clean interface.

The new version does break support for UnifyCamino – a popular Camino extension that allows you to choose different icon themes and tweak the browsers appearance. This isn’t a major loss as UnifyCamino wasn’t a vital enhancement but more of a theme manager.

Why Camino?

Camino is a very lightweight and fast Gecko browser and supports both PPC and Intel processors. Firefox is generally quite slow-to-load application on a lot of Macs (it’s also slow-to-load on Linux >_<) whereas even on my old PPC 1.2Ghz Camino is launched within a second.

Camino, though lacking Firefox’s extensions, gives an uncluttered, sleek and super fast browsing experience. It’s also very rare that it crashes.

To find out more about Camino or to download the latest version head on over to the Camino project at: http://caminobrowser.org/

Camino 2

I’ll be taking the beta of Camino 2 out for a super test drive over the next few days and will be writing up my conclusions here.

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