Google finally removed the ‘beta’ tag from their Chrome browser and pushed out a shiny new update fixing, improving and stabilising the browser even more.

Chrome is now Chrome 1.0! W0ot!

There aren’t any major notable differences aside from the fact pages loads faster (100% faster than Internet Explorer. Fact.)  and the addition of a new bookmarks manager.


It is still lacking vital “OMG IM GONNA MAKEZ DIS MY WELL DEFAULTZ BROWSA” functions. Most notably, add-ons, themes, RSS feed capabilities, a more coherent bookmark system.

Despite the browser’s light-weight feel, speed and installation it does suck up RAM like an addict sometimes. With the same three tabs open in Chrome and Firefox 3 the RAM usage was 74, 000K and 72, 000K respectively, showing Chrome isn’t as much of a bloater as thought. However, open up the same 7 sites in Firefox and Chrome and the gap between RAM usage starts to widen: –

I had open one each of:, Google,,,,, and the Youtube homepage in both Chrome 1.0 and Firefox 3.0.4. The usage was as follows.

Firefox 95, 000K

Chrome 129, 000K

Had I the patience to open up 10 tabs or 20, i’m sure the gap would continue. I suppose the rule-of-thumb here is do your UBER TABBED browsing in FF and, if you really want to use Chrome try to stick to MINI TABBED browsing.

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