OMG! Ubuntu! is an Ubuntu blog aimed at everyday Ubuntu users covering the latest developments, application updates and theme releases alongside opinion pieces, interviews, polls and more.

Why ‘OMG! Ubuntu!’ as a name? See hyperbole.

The site is written in an informal, friendly and approachable style. We cut back on the gobbledygook and technical spiel and instead offer you double helpings of concise instructions and relevant information.

In a nutshell (not literally, there’d be no room!) we post about topics including: –

  • News/Updates: We post the latest Ubuntu updates, application updates, community news – usually first!
  • Interviews: We’re nosy so-and-so’s here at OMG!UBUNTU! so we like to probe developers on their applications & projects
  • Eye-Candy:  Everyone loves a beautiful desktop so you’ll find plenty of posts on themes, icons, applications, etc that will make your desktop look the business.
  • Reviews: Speaks for itself, really!
  • Tips: You’ll find a boatload of interesting and above all else useful tips at OMG!UBUNTU! If it’s not interesting or useful, we don’t post it.
  • Polls: If something’s worth gauging opinion on then we sure do gauge it!
  • Opinion/Debate: We care passionately about Ubuntu so you’ll often find posts aimed at stirring debate or offering different views.

Amongst these topics we have several on-going series of posts, so look out for our Triple Shot interviews, the every-other-week OMG! Vote!, our condensed ‘newsdump’ & our nifty ‘OMG! 5! list which, as the name implies, lists fives things of note – everything from 5 useful terminal commands to 5 ways to promote Ubuntu.

As of 2009:

  • OMG! Ubuntu! was launched in August of 2009 with the aim of providing a comprehensive and original source of news and articles for every-day Ubuntu users.
  • OMG! Ubuntu! has 15, 000 RSS subscribers, almost 6, 000 twitter followers and over 5, 000 Facebook fans.

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