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Exaile mono panel icons

If you’re an avid Exaile user but find the default tray icon a bit too colourful for your other-wise monochromatic panel then replace them with these mono versions created by Jaapz.


Once downloaded extract the archive somewhere accessible.

In his mail to us Jaapz succintly explains how to install them: -

‘To use them, just copy the 24×24 ones over to /usr/share/exaile/data/images/24×24 (and don’t forget to backup the old ones for later use).’

If you need it step by step: -

  • Press ‘ALT’ and ‘F2′ together
  • In the window that opens enter the following
    • gksu nautilus /usr/share/exaile/data/images/24×24
  • Move the new icons from the 24×24 folder extracted earlier into the window that has opened
  • Agree to ‘replace’ when prompted
  • Launch Exaile 
Many thanks to Jaapz for making & sharing these ace icons :)