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Dino is a Dreamy New XMPP Client for Linux Desktops

Dino is an open source XMPP client for Linux desktops. Written in GTK/Vala, Dino also supports end-to-end encryption, file sending, and message searching.

30 January 2020
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[How to] Install Empathy with MSN XMPP Support in Ubuntu 11.10

We've blogged about it endlessly of late - but now Ubuntu 11.10 users can finally try it out for themselves. What am I jabbering about? Empathy with Microsoft's newly-implemented MSN XMPP support...

23 December 2011
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Empathy with MSN XMPP Support Lands in Ubuntu 12.04

Barely day after GNOME devs added it to Empathy, working MSN XMPP support has landed in Ubuntu 12.04. The feature allows stable connection to the MSN Network using the open standard XMPP service. The use of such a well supported standard should give Linux users a stable and consistent connection to what is one of the worlds largest IM networks. If you're already using Ubuntu 12.04 you'll find this update sliding down the update pipes very shortly.

20 December 2011
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Empathy Readies MSN XMPP Support

Empathy users can look forward to native MSN XMPP in the version 3.3.2 of the popular chat app. The feature comes days after Microsoft announced connection to their millions-strong MSN messaging service via the popular open XMPP standard.

19 December 2011
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Microsoft Announce Windows Live Messenger XMPP Access

Microsoft has announced public access to the Windows Live Messenger network via the open-standard XMPP protocol - a move that should see improved features and performance for Linux users accessing the service via Pidgin, Empathy and other open-source clients.

15 December 2011