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Do You Still Use The Ubuntu HUD? [Poll]

Five years ago today Ubuntu introduced the HUD, a new way of interacting application menus. But does anyone still use it?

24 January 2017
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HUD Lands in Unity 2D

The feature parity between Ubuntu and its Qt counterpart Unity 2D shrinks ever smaller with the arrival of Precise's flagship 'HUD' feature introduced to Unity 2D.

5 March 2012
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[How To] Install Unity’s HUD Feature in Ubuntu 12.04

Reading about a new feature is all well and good - but there's nothing quite like playing with it, right? HUD, Ubuntu's new modern approach to using application menus, will land in Unity on Ubuntu 12.04 over the next month or so. But chances are you can't wait that long so, assuming you're using Ubuntu 12.04, a HUD-enabled version of Unity can be installed from the Unity Team HUD PPA.

24 January 2012
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Meet HUD: The New Way of Using App Menus in Ubuntu

A brand new way of using application menus in Unity interface is coming to Ubuntu. HUD - Heads UP Display - uses an intelligent search-based approach to finding and accessing menu items you need. It's smart too; HUD is capable of remembering what items you use most often and prioritising them in the results.

24 January 2012