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Ubuntu Software Centre Featured View

We all know that the Ubuntu Software Centre will be undergoing some more changes for Ubuntu 10.10, part of which will be an improved ‘featured applications’ gallery. Whilst the screenshot below is likely far from […]

1 June 2010
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Buy a Limited edition lynx toy from Ubuntu & help Save real Lynx’s, too!

Users buying the new limited edition Lynx toy from the Canonical store will also be helping to save real Lynx’s in the process. Ubuntu’s parent company Canonical are donating a portion of each Lynx toy […]

26 May 2010

New Ubuntu 10.04 Items Available In the Ubuntu Store

Wallets at the ready folks – The first new items designed using the new Ubuntu branding are now available in the Ubuntu Store. New look t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse mats and more are available. T-Shirts […]

27 April 2010
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17 Featured Applications in Ubuntu 10.04 Software Center – But are they wise Choices?

A few days ago we asked you which applications you would choose to be “featured” application on the shelves of the Ubuntu 10.04 Software Center. Since then the list has swelled from a meagre 4 […]

3 March 2010
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Lucid Software Centre Adds ‘Featured’ Gallery, PPA View

A few small-ish updates to the Software centre just landed in Lucid – but ones that hint at much greater things to come. Featured First up is a new ‘section’ called ‘Featured’ accessible from the […]

17 February 2010
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Official Ubuntu Desktop Support For Home Users

Trust me to miss the memo, but somewhere along the line Canonical started selling support services to home users as well as businesses and enterprises via the official Ubuntu Store. Before your eyes gloss over […]

5 January 2010