A few small-ish updates to the Software centre just landed in Lucid – but ones that hint at much greater things to come.

First up is a new ‘section’ called ‘Featured’ accessible from the default USC screen.

Currently only two applications are ‘Featured’ and these may or may not change over the next few weeks…

Another interesting addition – ahead of schedule if we were to go by the current USC roadmap – is the addition of PPA filters in the side pane.

Clicking on these shows you the available applications to install from within that PPA, including the option to remove already installed software or view ‘more info’ on applications within that PPA.

Full PPA management is scheduled for Lucid+1 with the roadmap stating: –

Establish and convey a trust level for software in PPAs, and let you easily add PPAs within the Center.

I’ll round off this relatively minor update with the mock-up of what the Ubuntu Software Centre should look like in over a years time. Just cos it looks awesome!

Thanks to om26er
‘Future-lobby’ USC mock-up copyright Canonical