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ubuntu torrent takedown

Updated: American ISP Sent Customer DMCA for Downloading Ubuntu

is Is downloading Ubuntu a copyright infringement? The answer is no, but one American ISP has sent a customer a DMCA notice for doing exactly that. Wtf…

26 May 2021
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Unity Torrent Lens Adds Piratebay Ban Proxy for UK Users

A new update the Piratebay-Scope for Unity circumvents 'The Piratebay' ban affecting UK users.

2 August 2012
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Help Test a Pirate Bay Scope & Torrent Lens in Ubuntu

Ever wanted to search The Pirate Bay and grab a .torrent without opening a browser window? Now you can using a combo of 'Unity Scope Piratebay' and the 'Torrent Lens'. Read on for more information and those all important install instructions.

5 December 2011
Deluge Indicator in Natty

Deluge 1.3.3 Released, Ready to Install

The latest version of bit-torrent application Deluge is now available to install from the official Deluge PPA.

29 July 2011
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Show Deluge torrent transfer rates on Docky [fix]

Docky and the Deluge torrent client were great bedfellows for a while with the former able to display transfer rates for the latter. And then it broke when Deluge 1.2 was released. Boo. Thanks to Gary over at we can get it working again in no-time.

17 October 2010