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Display CPU Temperature in the Unity Launcher

Want to keep an eye on your CPU temperature on Ubuntu? You have a lot of different apps to choose from, including this neat app called 'Sensors Unity'.

10 November 2016

Indicator SysMonitor Now Available for Ubuntu 15.04

A new version of the handy system resource monitor ‘Indicator SysMonitor‘ has been released. The utility makes keeping an eye on CPU load, RAM usage and battery capacity a snap. Although similar to Indicator MultiLoad, a tool we […]

26 April 2015

5 System Monitoring Tools for Ubuntu

Whether you're resource-conscious, investigating a system slowdown, or, like me, plain nosey, Ubuntu makes it easy to keep an eye on CPU, RAM and other hardware information. Below are five different ways to monitor system resource usage in Ubuntu - from indicator-applets to included applications...

14 November 2011