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Desktop IRC App Smuxi Tweaks Layout, Adds Scripting Support

With Christmas being a time for the coming together of friends and family it's an apt time for Smuxi, the popular cross-platform desktop IRC client, to push out a new release.

24 December 2013

Smuxi IRC App Update Adds Improved Look, New Features

Smuxi, the multi-platform IRC client, has been updated and refreshed with a new look. Read on to see what's new and improved.

23 June 2013
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Smuxi IRC Client Pushes Out New Update

I need to confess: it's been a while since I last wrote about the (frankly awesome) IRC client Smuxi. But today sees Smuxi push out a new bug-fix update to its 0.8.10 release thus giving me an ideal opportunity to make up for my faux pas. So below I present a quick recap of the features of the new stuff, and the important details how to get it all...

23 August 2012
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Facebook Chat, New Features Land in Latest Release of Smuxi IRC App

Smuxi, my personal favourite IRC client, has a new release available. It adds a number of new features that make it capable of pleasing the most ardent of IRC users.

14 January 2012
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IRC app Smuxi 0.8 released, adds messaging menu support, notifications & lots more!

The latest release of Smuxi IRC client has been released, bringing with it a whole host of new fetaures, functions and fixes. Details, screenshots and (of course) download information is waiting for you after the jump.

6 September 2010

Smuxi IRC app updates with new features & fixes

Smuxi IRC client - which impressed us considerably in our previous review - has released a new version packed with updates and fixes.

25 July 2010
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Smuxi IRC Client – much of what you expect with a little bit you don’t

IRC Clients are one category of application that hasn't evolved much over the last few years. Smuxi doesn't deviate from this mould and is an Irssi-inspired IRC client targeted at ‘sophisticated' GNOME users, although available on other platforms, too. Smuxi has more than a handful of ace features up it's sleeve that would make it an ideal consideration if you're looking to switch IRC clients.

9 July 2010