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‘Skype Wrapper’ for Ubuntu Gets Updated

The best (and easiest) way to integrate popular chat app Skype with Ubuntu is to use Skype-Wrapper. And as it's just been updated there's no better time to try it out.

17 September 2012
Skype Wrapper 0.6 Adds New Quicklist Options

Skype-Wrapper Adds Call Actions, Notification Fixes, Ubuntu 12.04 Support

A new stable release of Skype-Wrapper is available for download. Skype-Wrapper is a small third-party 'plugin' that integrates many of Skype's features directly into the Ubuntu desktop. This includes support for Ubuntu's Messaging Menu, notification system and Unity launcher.

16 May 2012
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Skype-Wrapper Gets a PPA for Easy Installation

Handy Skype plugin 'Skype-Wrapper' is now available to install from its own PPA. The tool helps to integrate popular VoIP client Skype with the Ubuntu desktop.

25 November 2011
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Skype Wrapper Adds Unity Features, Menu Avatars and Extra Settings

Skype Wrapper, the third-party Skype plugin that integrates the VoIP client into Ubuntu, has been updated for the second time in less than week.

13 November 2011
Skype in messaging Menu

Skype Messaging Menu Plugin Gets Updated

Skype Wrapper, a third-party plugin that integrates VoIP client Skype with Ubuntu's Messaging Menu, has been updated with a handful of new features.

10 November 2011
Skype in the Ubuntu messaging Menu

[How To] Add Skype to The Ubuntu Messaging Menu

Want Skype in the Ubuntu Messaging Menu? Here's how...

30 October 2011