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nanopi m1 plus

Meet the $30 Ubuntu-Ready NanoPi M1 Plus

It's two-thirds the size of a Raspberry Pi and costs $30, but the NanoPi M1 Plus already has Ubuntu Core and Ubuntu MATE images ready to run.

3 March 2017

This $90 Kit Converts an ODROID board into a Touchscreen Ubuntu PC

We’ve seen what the Raspberry Pi can do when you throw in some extra hardware, and we recently heard about what the Pine64 is going to do once it’s inside a laptop casing. But what about that […]

7 December 2016
pine book linux arm laptop

Meet the Pinebook, a $89 ARM Laptop That Runs Ubuntu

The Pine64 Pinebook is an ARM laptop priced from $89. It can run Android, ChromiumOS and various flavours of Linux, including Ubuntu.

25 November 2016

Orange Pi PC 2 Is a $20 Quad-Core Ubuntu PC

If I told you that you could buy a 64-bit quad-core PC that runs Ubuntu for just $20 you’d presumably ask me what the reward tiers are, cos it sounds like a crowd-funding pitch. But it’s not. […]

6 November 2016
raspberry pi board

The Raspberry Pi Has Sold Over 10 Million Units, Celebrates with New Starter Kit

I think most of us expected it would be a success, but this big a success?

8 September 2016