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Website Hosting Linux Kernel Hacked: Don’t Worry, The World Isn’t Going To End has been compromised by an intruder gaining root access to parts of their infrastructure which hosts the kernel source code. A number of servers have been accessed, apparently via compromised user credentials. The intruder installed several rootkits and monitored user activity. The intrusion went unnoticed for almost a month until the staff discovered it on August 28th. The staff reassured the community in a blog post on, stating that the actual repositories themselves are unaffected.

1 September 2011
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Zeitgeist news round up: Security, data sources and timey-wimey stuff

What's been happening in the Zeitgeist project of late? Let's take a quick look...

5 June 2011
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The Evolution of the Personal Package Archive system

When the Personal Package Archive (PPA) system was brought out of beta in November 2007, it was heralded as a game changer for Free Software developers within the Ubuntu community and beyond. The PPA system was designed to make it easier for developers to get their software packaged and available to users for testing, thereby speeding up project development and delivering higher quality software. After nearly four years of PPAs, I thought I'd find out out whether the original objectives of the PPA system were still the primary focus - or had PPAs taken on a whole new role, filling a gap that's traditionally been a sore point for Ubuntu?

24 May 2011
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How USB autorun flaws could bring malware to Linux

When you hear about malware infecting computers through USB sticks you tend to assume you're safe on Linux. Theoretically at least, the more we make Linux like a home the less idyllic a fortress of security it becomes...

8 February 2011
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How to add repositories to Ubuntu from behind a firewall

Having trouble updating Ubuntu at University? MadnessRed has the solution in this guest post.

20 January 2011
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Lost laptop locater app ‘Prey’ hits version 0.5

No-one goes out of their way to lose their laptop let alone have it stolen. Usually in these situations there is a slim chance of getting you laptop back - providing it has your address scrawled on the back like a label in the back of a 5th graders’ coat. Common sense dictates to be prepared and you can be by installing free and open-source security application β€˜Prey - which has just been updated to version 0.5.

21 December 2010
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Father of Social Networking worms comes to Linux and Mac OS X via Java

A new variant of Social Network worm Koobface has been discovered that affects Linux and Mac OS X via outdated version of Java.

29 October 2010
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Easy to use GUI for Ubuntu’s default firewall

Firewall configuration in Ubuntu is about to get a lot easier thanks to a new project providing a graphical front end to Ubuntu’s default firewall UFW and thus making security settings simple for everyday users.  […]

30 August 2010
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Chrome Dev Channel adds GNOME Keyring support for saving passwords

The Google Chrome dev channel (as well as the Chromium daily builds) recently gained preliminary support for storing user passwords in the native system keyring rather than, as currently, the built-in unencrypted password store. Whilst […]

3 July 2010
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Yet More Malware Found on Gnome-Look

Yesterday we were the first to bring you the news about malware being targeted at Ubuntu users, and today, sadly, another malicious file was uploaded to gnome-look, this time masquerading as a theme called ‘Ninja’. […]

9 December 2009
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Malware Hidden Inside Screensaver On Gnome-Look

Malware has been found hidden inside an innocuous ‘waterfall’ screensaver .deb file made available on popular artwork sharing site The .deb file installs a script with elevated privileges designed to perform a DDoS attack […]

8 December 2009