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How USB autorun flaws could bring malware to Linux

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

When you hear about malware infecting computers through USB sticks you tend to assume you’re safe on Linux. Theoretically at least, the more we make Linux like a home the less idyllic a fortress of security it becomes…

A presentation highlighting the vulnerabilities of Linux to auto-run attacks was given by IBM’s  Jon Larimer at Shmoocon in late January.

malware on linux - easier than expected

In the eye opening (if a little dense for most) talk, Larimer explains how hackers can abuse these auto-run loopholes to gain access to your system via USB.

Head over to for the full LD or jump head first into the hour-long video recording of the talk tucked beneath.

Cranil via Slashdot