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It Just Got Easier to Try the Latest WebKit on Linux

If you’ve been itching to toy with the latest development builds of WebKit on Linux you’ll be pleased to know it’s just gotten a bit easier. It’s all thanks to the newly announced ‘Epiphany Technology […]

26 January 2018

Does the Ubuntu Web Browser Need a New Icon?

Ubuntu community member thinks the Ubuntu browser app icon is too similar to Apple's Safari. Should it be changed?

8 June 2016
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Get Safari’s new ‘reader’ feature in Chrome & Firefox

Apple pushed out Safari 5 earlier today. With it came a new feature called ‘Reader’ that, in the words of Apple themselves,: – “…removes annoying ads and other visual distractions from online articles. So you […]

8 June 2010
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Safari 5 works via Wine; handles basic browsing well

Apple have just launched version 5 of their flagship web browser Safari for Windows and Mac. Linux users who, for some reason or another, feel left out and want to see what the fuss is about will […]

8 June 2010