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Safari 5 works via Wine; handles basic browsing well

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Apple have just launched version 5 of their flagship web browser Safari for Windows and Mac. Linux users who, for some reason or another, feel left out and want to see what the fuss is about will be pleased to learn that Safari almost works well under Wine.

Protracted emphasis on the ‘almost’ as whilst Safari 5 handles basic pages like Wikipedia, BBC News, & search results with relative ease caveats remain elsewhere. Calling the Safari ‘top sites’ speed-dial page or using more than one tab results in a swift and flawless victory for the crash gods, rendering is pretty darn slow on every page & the new ‘reader’ feature (which presents a page in an acely formatted overlay) doesn’t work at all.

HTML5, Flash & Other bits n’ bobs

Providing you have Flash installed under Wine you’ll find that YouTube and flash-using sites work at varting degrees of acceptable performance. Install Quicktime via Wine and most HTML5 videos (that use the H.264 codec) work, too.

Install in Wine

Still, if you’re keen to try it out you can download the Windows installer @ and install via Wine as per any other application. Remember to mark both the launcher and resulting desktop icons are ‘Trusted’ (Right Click > properties > ‘allow executing as programme’ ).

Disclaimer: Remember that not everyone’s results or experiences with an application in Wine will be uniform.