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The Easy Way To Install Remmina 1.2 on Ubuntu (Updated)

Do you use the remote desktop app Remmina? If so you may be interested to know that a Snap package of the latest release is now available on Ubuntu.

23 January 2017
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[How to] Enable Unity integration for remote desktop app ‘Remmina’

Remote desktop client 'Remmina' doesn't have Ubuntu Unity launcher integration by default, but it's easy enough to add with this script by Daniel S.

28 May 2011
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Remmina to be Ubuntu’s new remote desktop app

GTK app Remmina is to replac TSClient as the default remote desktop client in Ubuntu 11.04. The tool is a capable successor to tsclient with many great features and support for multiple network protocols - including RDP - all of which is wrapped up in a consistant and accessible interface.

8 November 2010