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There’s an Ubuntu 19.10 Release Party in London, Tomorrow – And You’re Invited!

You're invited to the Ubuntu 19.10 release party in London, UK, tomorrow evening. Mingle with like-minded Linux users and celebrate Eoan Ermine's release.

16 October 2019
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‘Party the real way for Ubuntu 10.10’ says Vancouver LoCo team

“Don’t Call It A ‘Party’ If It’s Not!” yells the catchy slogan from the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo team in their promotional call-to-arms for celebrating Ubuntu 10.10’s release next month. The humorous complaint is simple: Many […]

29 September 2010
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5 ways to celebrate Ubuntu 10.04’s release

C’mon ” hands up how many of you would love to jive it up at an Ubuntu release party but sadly don’t know anyone/live near a loco holding one? *puts own hand up* There are […]

23 April 2010