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Ubuntu One Files App Comes to the Nokia N9 (Unofficially)

Ubuntu One users who also happen to own a Nokia N9 don’t need to go without on-the-go access to their files for much longer. Ubuntu One developer Stuart Langridge¬†has published initial work on an unofficial […]

1 May 2012
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MeeGo Put To Rest; Linux-based Tizen Born

MeeGo - the Intel backed Linux OS that, well, no-one ever really used - has finally been put to rest. Ish.

28 September 2011
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MeeGo phone demoed on powerful ARM hardware

Charbax of has been at ARM Techcon this week gathering up all the latest news and developments ARM related. Amongst the many companies showing off Linaro-enabled devices were ST-Ericsson who demonstrated the MeeGo OS […]

14 November 2010
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How To Install the Banshee MeeGo Interface in Ubuntu 10.04

With Banshee heading to default status in Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition the possibility of pre-enabling the very slick MeeGo interface as standard is now under review. As such you may want to try it out […]

22 June 2010