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Download Mass Effect Composer’s Ubuntu 14.04 Start Up Sounds

Award winning composer Sam Hulick, famed for his music scores in top tier gaming titles like Mass Effect, has released a set of alternative start-up sounds for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

16 April 2014

Mass Effect Composer Offers To Create New Ubuntu Start-Up Sound

An award winning composer, best known for work on the Mass Effect trilogy of games, is offering to create a new start-up sound for Ubuntu.

11 September 2013
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Ubuntu 12.04 Login Sound To Be Disabled By Default

The familiar login sound of Ubuntu has been disabled by default in an update to Ubuntu 12.04.

18 December 2011
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The Purfect Ubuntu 11.10 Login Sound?

Opinion is split over whether or not the default Ubuntu login sound needs a refresh. Just what could it be replaced with? Reader Tony Lawrence suggested the following sound...

13 September 2011
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Poll: Ubuntu Login/Shutdown Sounds – Love or Hate?

The login and shutdown sounds for Ubuntu haven’t changed in what seems like eternity! Given the current emphasis on creating a more modern looking Ubuntu desktop one has to ask who forgot about the system […]

29 September 2009