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Resources is a New, Modern System Monitor for Linux

The System Monitor app Ubuntu comes with with does an okay job of letting you monitor system resources and oversee running processes — but it does look dated. Now, dated isn’t always a negative – […]

13 October 2023
black box terminal app showing about dialog

Black Box (GTK4 Terminal App) Adds Transparency, Sixel Support

A quick post about the latest update to Black Box, a GTK4/libadwaita terminal emulator for Linux desktop that focuses on being 'beautiful' – and yup, it is!

15 January 2023
screenshot of ear tag for linux

Use ‘Ear Tag’ to Quickly Edit Audio Tags on Linux

Keep your music files tagged correctly with Ear Tag, a lightweight Linux app that built for quickly editing metadata for single audio files – I love it!

7 December 2022
screenshot of the G4Music app window showing an audio track being played

G4Music is a GTK4 Music App for Linux Desktops

G4Music bills itself as a "beautiful, fast, fluent, light weight music player" and after using it I can't disagree. Learn more about this GTK4 music app.

6 December 2022
newsflash 2.0

NewsFlash RSS Reader Has Been Ported to GTK 4

NewsFlash is a GTK-based RSS reader for Linux desktops — now it's even better thanks to libadwaita, FreshRSS support, and new settings.

25 September 2022

Want to Customise Libadwaita? Give ‘Gradience’ a Try

Some see libadwaita as an intentional roadblock, placed to get in the way of end-user customisation but this new app added to Flathub proves otherwise.

31 August 2022

‘Nephrite’ is a Classy New GTK Theme for Linux Desktops

One of Linux desktop's most prolific — not to mention best, imo — theme makers has released a brand new GTK theme for us all to go gaga over: Nephrite.

28 August 2022
gnome 43

These are the Best New Features in GNOME 43

In this article I share the best new features in GNOME 43 and its many improvements. There's lots to see, including a MAJOR redesign of the status menu.

17 August 2022
nautilus icon against an LED screen

7 Big Changes Coming to Nautilus in GNOME 43

I run through 7 major changes to the Nautilus file manager in GNOME 43. From adaptive sidebar and new sorting options to deeper integration with Disks app.

9 August 2022

Updated: This GNOME Extension Brings ‘Material You’ to Linux Desktops

Material You on Android is a very popular personalisation trick, and now an enterprising developer brings it to Linux desktops via a new GNOME extension.

1 August 2022
Dialect GTK translations app for Linux desktop

Dialect is a Useful Language Translation Tool for Linux Desktops

Need to translate one language to another? Skip opening a browser tab and install Dialect. This neat GTk4 translation tool can do it all – and then some!

16 July 2022
firefox libadwaita theme

Firefox GNOME Theme Now Follows GTK4/libadwaita Styling

Adwaita fans will be thrilled to hear the GNOME Firefox theme pack (which makes Firefox look like GNOME Web) has been updated to follow libadwaita UI.

7 July 2022