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9 Essential Nautilus Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

Nautilus is the default Ubuntu file manager for good reason: it is feature-filled and easy-to-use — but do you know how to navigate it like a ninja using the keyboard?

5 June 2016
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Ubuntu 12.04 App Shortcuts – Spreadsheet Style

How many keyboard shortcuts for Shotwell, Rhythmbox or LibreOffice do you know? If you're anything like me (i.e. a slave to the mouse) then the chances are not many. But reader and Ubuntu contributor Thibaut B., along with a band of other contributors, have decided to create a centralised 'hub' for discovering shortcuts you might not have otherwise knew existed.

22 April 2012

[How to] Play with Unity ‘Keyboard Shortcuts Overlay’ In Ubuntu 12.04

If you've upgraded Unity in Precise so you can play with Ubuntu's new 'HUD' feature then you also have another slick new update ready and waiting to be checked out...

26 January 2012