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Harmony is an iTunes-Inspired Music Player with SoundCloud and Spotify Integration

Harmony is a sleek desktop music player for Linux (and macOS & Windows) that can play your regular music files and online streaming services like Spotify and SoundCloud.

7 September 2016
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Import iTunes ratings in to Rhythmbox

Importing your music collections ratings from iTunes to Rhythmbox is a wheeze using this 'iTunesToRhythm' script by a user called ‘Doug’. Hit up the full article after the jump for a download link and usage instructions.

22 September 2010
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How to Import iTunes Podcasts in Rhythmbox

For better or worse iTunes has near-total domination of the podcast sector; it’s how most people I know – that don’t use Linux – get their podcast fix. You subscribe in iTunes, it downloads, it’s […]

15 June 2010