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4 Extra Games Added to Latest Humble Bundle

Four extra titles have bee added to the latest Humble Bundle. Although none of the additional titles are 'new to Linux', having all been part of the first Humble Bundle for Android back at the start of this year, their addition still gives anyone who has yet to play them a cheap way to buy them.

22 August 2012
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New Humble Bundle Launches, Keeps Ubuntu Integration

Another month, another Humble Bundle. This time it's the third iteration of the '...for Android' series. But don't let the title fool you: all of these games can be installed on Ubuntu, through the Ubuntu Software Center.

15 August 2012

Humble Bundle Games Remain Top Ubuntu Downloads

Games from last months Humble Indie Bundle continued to dominate the Ubuntu app download chart in July.

3 August 2012
Psychonauts In the Software Center

Indie Game ‘Psychonauts’ Added to Ubuntu Software Center

Indie Game Psychonauts is now available to buy and install through the Ubuntu Software Center. The award winning platform game is being sold for $9.99, but can be purchased for as little as you like if bought as part of the ongoing Humble Indie Bundle.

12 June 2012

Almost 10,000 Humble Bundles Sold on Ubuntu In 72 Hours

The Humble Indie Bundle V continues to set new records. Around 10,000 bundles having been installed through the Ubuntu Software Center during the first 72 hours of the games package being made available.

4 June 2012
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‘Humble Introversion Bundle’ Launches with 4 DRM-Free Linux-Friendly Games

A new pay-you-what-want 'humble bundle' of games, this time featuring titles from indie developer Introversion, is on offer for the next 2 weeks.

22 November 2011
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Humble ‘frozenbyte’ bundle announced; buy 5 games for any price you want

The Humble Bundle is back, once again letting you set your own price for a set of five DRM-free games.

12 April 2011