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Tether Often? Take the GNOME Metered Data Survey

GNOME developers launch survey to get feedback on metered data connection usage on desktop PCs and laptop, including those who tether Android to PC.

21 March 2019
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GNOME+Mono hackfest day 2+3

A double whammy update, mostly since day 2+3 were largly just expanding on the work everyone started on day one.

10 February 2011
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GNOME+Mono hackfest day 1

It's now the morning of day 2 and people are slowly starting to arrive at the room we call home during the GNOME+Mono hackfest. On day one we were so busy that the first task of day in fact is posting the update.

8 February 2011
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The GNOME+Mono hackfest is here, officially

We wrote about it, and now, after literally weeks of planning, it is here. The post-FOSDEM GNOME+Mono hackfest. We've only be at it for about an hour so there is not yet much code to show but I thought the OMG army would enjoy a couple of pictures as proof that we are actually working.

7 February 2011
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Banshee: Video, TV shows, Windows and hackfest, oh my!

From deep in Hanger 18, your reporter is proud to bring you some exclusive Banshee goodies. Read on for more information...

17 January 2011