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How to Schedule File Backups to Google Drive on Ubuntu

The Deja Dup backup tool is preinstalled on the Ubuntu desktop by default — but like many, I don’t use it. Or rather I didn’t, not until this week when I learned that Deja Dup can […]

30 July 2018
Google Drive Linux

Google Drive Linux Petition Now 10k Signatures Strong, Google Yet to Respond

Over 10,000 people have signed a petition asking Google for a native Linux version of their desktop Drive client.

26 June 2013
Google Drive Linux

Linux Users Petition Google for Native Drive Client

A new petition is hoping harness users desire for a native Google Drive client for Linux.

7 June 2013
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InSync Brings Google Drive to Ubuntu

Desperate to try Google Drive on Ubuntu? Insync is here to help.

1 August 2012
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Google Drive Is Coming to Linux

When a product that is hyped as much as Google Drive fails to deliver for your OS from the get go it's easy to feel disappointed. But it seems patient we need to be: Google Drive is coming to Linux.

25 April 2012

[How To] Access Google Drive Via Nautilus in Ubuntu

Google’s newly-launched ‘Drive’ feature may have failed to give Linux users a client from the get go – but that doesn’t mean we need to go without entirely. A temporary solution is available for those […]

25 April 2012
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Will Google Drive Support Linux?

Word on the winds is that Google will launching their own cloud storage service - called Google Drive - next week. But will it support Linux?

17 April 2012