Ubuntu 11.10 Development Update 16

Today is not a day of long blog entries, but it’s a day of celebrating everybody’s hard work in Ubuntu 11.10. It’s released. So check out what’s new! Two pages that did a great job explaining and visualising what’s new are the ubuntu.com tour and the other one being “the new Ubuntu”. Beautiful work!

Ubuntu 11.10 Development Update 15

One week left! Are you excited already? The release candidate is going to get out soon and we will have days full of testing the installation on all architectures, in all kinds of installations scenarios. If you want to help out with the testing, it will be much appreciated.

So what’s still happening? It’s interesting to note that still quite a number of fixes is going in. Also has the planning for the 12.04 (“Precise Pangolin”) cycle been started. Matthias Klose sent out an email about the preparation of the P-cycle archive: the wiki page lists a number of significant changes for ‘precise’, like updates to gcc, binutils, swig and other core components and dropping python2.6.