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Firefox Snap Package on Ubuntu 17.10

Firefox is now available as a Snap package

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox is available as a Snap package for Ubuntu and other Linux distros. Not just any ol’d Snap package either, but an official, made-by-Mozilla Snap package. It’s arrival, without any sort […]

15 March 2018
firefox 57 on ubuntu

Firefox 59 released, these are the key changes

A new version of the Firefox web browser is available to download. Firefox 59 is something of a modest update compared to the whizz-bang change-logs of the past few releases. But, even, there are still […]

13 March 2018
firefox celebration gif

How to Try Firefox CSD on Linux, Right Now

Firefox support for client-side decorations (better known as CSD) is coming to its Linux app — but if you can’t live without it, we’re gonna show you how to enable it. As we’ve mentioned before, […]

28 February 2018
firefox user chrome css adwaita

Make Firefox Look like the GNOME Web Browser (Because Why Not, Right?)

If you’re using a vanilla GNOME session on Ubuntu with the Adwaita theme, and want to make Firefox look a little more at home, you can. In fact, with a bit of custom CSS you […]

6 December 2017
firefox csd title bar option

Firefox Nightly Adds CSD Option

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Firefox 57 is awesome — so awesome that I’m finally using it as my default browser again. But there is one thing it the Linux version […]

24 November 2017

Firefox 57 “Quantum” Is Here, And It’s Awesome

Firefox 57 is here. It introduces a new look, sees legacy add-ons dropped, and gives the core rendering engine a big old speed boost.

14 November 2017
firefox logo

Firefox 56 Released, But All Eyes Are on Firefox Quantum

Firefox 56 is now available to download. The latest update to the browser isn’t exactly packed with changes but it does include a new search function in the settings area to make it faster to find […]

28 September 2017

Should Firefox ESR Be Available on Ubuntu?

It supports 'legacy' Firefox add-ons, ALSA, and browser plugins like Java — so why isn't Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) available on Ubuntu?

10 September 2017
firefox csd

Firefox Using Client Side Decoration (Video)

If you've been longing to see some progress on Firefox GTK header bar support you're going to want to feast your eyes on this.

29 August 2017
firefox logo

Firefox 55 Upgrade Is Finally Rolling Out on Ubuntu

Ubuntu users can now upgrade to the latest stable release of Mozilla Firefox through the Software Updater tool, without the need for extra PPAs.

15 August 2017
GNOME Web browser

GNOME Web 3.26 Adds Support for Firefox Sync

Firefox Sync support will be the headline feature in GNOME Web 3.26, letting you sync browser tabs, history and other data between Epiphany/Web and Firefox.

9 August 2017

Firefox 55 Released with Big Performance Improvements

Firefox 55 features a number of welcome improvements in memory usage and startup time, and offers 'search suggestions' in the URL bar.

8 August 2017