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FSearch is an ‘Everything Search Engine’ Alternative for Ubuntu

FSearch is a super fast file search tool for Linux desktops inspired by the 'Everything Search Engine' for Windows. Features and install info in this post.

17 November 2021
fast file search with catfish

Linux File Search Tool ‘Catfish’ Just Got Even Faster

Catfish is my go-to file search tool on the Ubuntu Linux desktop — and going by improvements in its latest release, it might just become your go-to search tool, too! But before we take a look […]

28 January 2019
fsearch thumbnail

FSearch Beta 2 Released with Wildcard Search Support, More

A new beta release of Fsearch, a fast GTK file search app for the Linux desktop inspired by the Everything Search Engine, is available for testing.

30 April 2017

ANGRYsearch Is a Fast File Search Tool for Linux Desktops

For faster Linux file search, with instant results as you type, take a look at the (superbly) named ANGRYsearch, which is like Search Everything for Linux.

15 November 2016
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File Search App ‘Fsearch’ Now Has a PPA

Remember Fsearch? It’s a pretty nifty file search tool for Linux inspired by the Windows Everything Search Engine app.  Using it you can quickly drill down to find a file or folder on your system, […]

15 November 2016