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GNOME’s Revamped ‘Web’ Browser Is Minimal, Mighty

GNOME's work on a revamped and repurposed 'Epiphany' web browser - which seeks to make the browser a core part of the GNOME experience - is coming along nicely. The redesign of Epiphany, which is relabelled 'Web' in the app itself, seeks to to offer GNOME users a 'simple, clean, beautiful view of the [internet].'

18 January 2012
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Using Epiphany Web Apps in Ubuntu 11.10

GNOME's default web browser is 'Epiphany' - but very few GNOME-using distributions ship with it. With the release of GNOME 3 (and the subsequent GNOME 3.2) the webkit-using browser added a slew of new features, many of which have turned the app from an 'also-ran' into a dependable, fast and responsive choice.

25 November 2011