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Focus Writer Update Adds .Odt Support

Full-screen distraction free writing app 'Focus Writer' has been updated. The application, which sports custom-themes, configurable toolbars and a daily goal tracker amongst its various features, has now gained basic support for the opening and saving of .Odt files (the file format most commonly used by LibreOffice).

19 October 2011
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TextRoom – Distraction free full-screen rich text editor for writers

Open-source rich text editor ‘TextRoom’  is another of ‘minimal, distraction free’ tool designed for writers. Editors of this ilk share one common goal: to get you writing. To do this they shove any potential distractions […]

18 October 2010
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FocusWriter 1.3.0 Released – Distraction free writing on Ubuntu

Check out multi-platform low interface FocusWriter.

24 September 2010
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Marave – Distraction free writing in Linux

The never-ceasing distractions of tweets, pokes on Facebook, Gmail spam  & matches to review are all enemies of writing. Was there ever an activity assailed by the vampires of impetuosity as much as writing? Marave aims to […]

4 August 2010
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PyRoom provides distraction free writing in Linux

If you’re anything like me then there are times when concentrating on writing seems like an impossibility; facebook pokes, youtube crawls, aimless stumbleupon-ing all get in the way of aiming my focus solely on the task in […]

1 June 2010