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CREBS Slideshow Generator gets new features but requires a little something in return…

It’s been a while since we last mentioned the very awesome wallpaper-slideshow generator ‘CREBS‘ (CREate Background Slideshow). “Crebs is a small Python/GTK application that allows you to quickly create wallpaper slideshows with many user-configurable settings. […]

13 July 2010
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Crebs wallpaper slideshow generator gets a PPA, new features

CreBs – the curiously named* but totally awesome slideshow wallpaper generator for Ubuntu – has gotten itself a PPA, making installation of this must-have app a breeze. Crebs has also undergone a few fixes and […]

1 June 2010
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Crebs: The ULTIMATE Wallpaper Slideshow application

A few days ago we blogged about a simple wallpaper slideshow generator called, somewhat un-surprisingly, ‘wallpaper slideshow’. Well… forget that application as the following wallpaper slideshow maker is easily more capable, configurable and darn-right cool. […]

26 May 2010