A few days ago we blogged about a simple wallpaper slideshow generator called, somewhat un-surprisingly, ‘wallpaper slideshow’.

Well… forget that application as the following wallpaper slideshow maker is easily more capable, configurable and darn-right cool.image

Crebs (for that is its name) is a small Python/GTK application that allows you to quickly create wallpaper slideshows with many user-configurable settings.

Once saved and set the slideshow wallpaper is stored in the standard Appearance Preferences window allowing for it to be easily used again or removed at a later date.


  • Add as many wallpapers from as many folders as you like
  • Drag and drop arranging
  • Set wallpaper length in seconds, minutes or hours for all or individual wallpapers – perfect if you have one wallpaper in particular you wish to see for longer than the rest
  • Set transition length for all or for individual wallpapers


  • Wallpapers sometimes get stuck/freeze
  • Transitions aren’t entirely fluid
  • Cant pre-set wallpaper ‘size mode’ (stretch, tile, etc)


Download Crebs using the link below. Extract the package, double click on the file inside and choose ‘run’.

Download Crebs

Wallpapers can be added via drag n’ drop or using the ‘add’ button and navigating to some images

crebs slideshowwp