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Ubuntu Brought My Ancient Chromebook Back from the Dead

“It’s alive! It’s aliiiiiive!” Alright, I’m not exactly Dr Frankenstein, but I did exhume the corpse of a forgotten Chromebook from its eternal resting place (my bookcase) to enact a macabre ritual. My goal? To […]

29 October 2021
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Linux App Support on Chromebooks is Coming Out of Beta

Google confirms Linux app support on Chromebooks leaves beta status in ChromeOS 91, due for release soon. Read why this is good news for Linux fans.

20 May 2021
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Chrome OS Terminal App Gains New Features, Makes Working with Linux Easier

If you run Linux apps on your Chromebook using Google's fancy Crostini tech, look out for an updated terminal app in a forthcoming update.

5 April 2020
Linux apps on a Chromebook

Every Chromebook launched this year will support Linux apps

Google has apparently said that every Chromebook launched in 2019 will support Linux apps, according to an Android Police update on Google I/O 2019.

8 May 2019
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Google Makes it Easier to Run Linux Apps on Chromebooks

Have you been patiently waiting for the ability to run Linux apps on your Chromebook since word of Crostini first surfaced? If so, your patience is about to be well rewarded. Google is preparing to […]

22 August 2018
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Watch Desktop Linux Apps (like GIMP) Running on Chrome OS [Video]

Linux fans enthusiastic about Google’s effort to bring desktop Linux apps on Chrome OS owe to themselves to watch the following video. In it, technology YouTuber Lon Seidman demos the current state of the Crostini project (‘Crostini’ is the codename […]

10 July 2018
Linux apps on a Chromebook

It’s Official: Linux Apps Are Coming to Chromebooks

Users will soon be able to install Linux apps on Chromebooks, Google has confirmed. Google says it is adding support for Linux apps to Chrome OS to 'equip developers' with the tools they need.

9 May 2018

Ubuntu 12.04 Up and Running on Samsung ARM Chromebook

Ubuntu 12.04 has been successfully made to run on the new Samsung Series 3 Chromebook, which has been on sale for less than 2 weeks. The ARM powered device, priced cheaply at $249/£229, boasts a dual-core ARM processor clocked @ 1.7Ghz; quad-core Mali-T604 for graphics; a thin and lightweight design; an 11" screen; and 2GB of RAM.

30 October 2012
Samsung Series 5 Chromebook with Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS hands on; we review Samsung’s first Chromebook

It's not often that a laptop fills a particular purpose gracefully, and Samsung's first laptop running Google's new Chrome OS does a pretty good job. However before you read on, you should first set your expectations. Laptops running Chrome OS, or Chromebooks as they've come to be known, aren't designed to replace your main laptop or desktop computer. They're not targeted at people who want to do everything and anything with a personal computer. They're specifically designed for certain tasks, and they handle these very well, but sometimes you'll be left wondering why obvious features are missing.

15 July 2011