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Umm, GNOME Shell Has a Rather Big Memory Leak

There's a rather annoying memory leak in GNOME Shell, and it's unlikely to be fixed in time for the release of Ubuntu 18.04 next month.

21 March 2018

Mark Shuttleworth Marks Bug 1 – ‘Microsoft Has Majority Marketshare – As Fixed

It had to happen one day - and today is as good as any, right? The infamous Bug #1 has been marked as fixed by Mark Shuttleworth.

30 May 2013
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Help Compiz rockstar Sam Spilsbury squash the annoying invisible window bug…

In spite of best efforts, a weird bug in compiz causing windows to 'become invisible' is still haunting the users. Here is how you can help fix it.

5 June 2011
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Banshee sucketh the big one, or how to correctly file a bug and stop worrying

There are bugs in Banshee, as I write this, 815 known or suspected bugs to be specific. Likely there are many more... and you, the user, is thus at risk of hitting one. Here is what to remember when experiencing a Banshee problem.

7 April 2011
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Gwibber, facebook and You

To many of us applications are like cars: you get it, turn them on and they run. The running, fine-tuning and servicing of the app/car is left to a professional – in this case developers. […]

19 October 2010
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Fix the Brasero copy/burn error

As someone sans a working DVD drive let alone something to burn or copy I have been largely unaware of a bug plaguing Brasero users during the last few releases: it fails to copy audio and data CD’s and, […]

25 August 2010
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Lucid Banshee Tray Icon Finally gets fixed

Just a short sharp shot: The daily builds of Banshee (in the Banshee Daily PPA, no less) finally rock out with a ‘fixed’ tray icon – news which will be like fresh morning dew to […]

29 June 2010
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Fatal flaw connected to GRUB found at very late notice, never fear!

This bug report which was reported yesterday suggests that Lucid was about to ship with an issue that caused the secondary operating system to be missing from GRUB when installing in a dual boot setup; […]

29 April 2010