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How To Install The Budgie Desktop on Ubuntu

It’s a been a couple of years since I last wrote anything about the Budgie desktop environment. You might think that was intentional but it wasn’t. Fact is, I didn’t know the project was still going, […]

11 September 2016

Budgie Desktop v8 Released With Improved Menu, Panel

A new version of Evolve OS's simple 'Budgie Desktop Environment' has been released, and the improvements under its wing are impressive.

17 November 2014
Budgie desktop environment

How to Install Lightweight Budgie Desktop in Ubuntu 14.04

If you follow us over on Twitter you may have caught a glimpse of a screenshot we shared recently, along with the invitation to name the desktop environment pictured.

9 July 2014
Budgie desktop environment

Budgie Desktop Brings Chrome OS Style Experience to Linux

The Budgie Desktop Environment brings elements of the minimalist Chrome OS experience to Linux — but it does so in a novel way...

30 March 2014

‘Budgie’ Media Player Hatches on GNOME

Budgie is a new lightweight media player for GNOME, using client side decorations to present an attractive front to its nimble core.

7 November 2013