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Chromium or Google Chrome: Which Do You Use? [Poll]

Reader David G mailed in to see we'd be interested in running a poll to see which 'brand' of Chrome Linux users prefer to use - either Google's Flash-plugin packing Google Chrome or the open-source, ready-in-the-repos Chromium. Given that our visitor stats don't distinguish between Chromium (both are grouped together as 'Chrome')I thought this would, indeed, be rather interesting to see. So, Sunday poll time: Do you use Chromium or Google Chrome? Let us know by voting in the poll inside.

26 February 2012
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Midori 0.2.7 Benchmarked

Earlier today we reported on the release of Midori 0.2.7 but aside from new features and extensions has the lightweight browser gotten any faster? Sunspider It should be noted that the SunSpider benchmarks only measure […]

17 August 2010
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10 Reasons Why Google Chrome Should Be Your Default Web Browser

An official version of Google Chrome has been available to try out for several months. It fully supports flash and extensions, is super fast to both start-up and load pages and is so incredibly stable […]

4 October 2009