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Ubuntu Brainstorm To Be Axed?

Have you used Ubuntu Brainstorm recently? Chances are you haven't. Usage of the once-popular feedback service is in decline.

14 May 2013
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Popular Ubuntu brainstorm ideas to receive official feedback

The top rated topics proposed on Ubuntu Brainstorm are to receive official responses from the Ubuntu project every three months, Canonical’s Matt Zimmerman has announced today. "We continue to look for new and better ways […]

3 November 2010

If Wine installers can look fancy, why not .debs?

Y’know, now that Windows executables look all fancy with the latest Wine – making use of the inbuilt application icons – I can’t help but think that they make Ubuntu look worse. Why? Here goes… […]

28 June 2010
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An Application Ballot Screen For Ubuntu? Oh Jeez…

The following idea, proposed on Ubuntu Brainstorm, puts forward the sugeestion that users should be allowed to configure the application set before installation. Sort of like the Windows Browser ballot but for, well, pretty much […]

10 February 2010
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Brainstorm: Make Setting Up GMail In Evolution Simple!

Evolution is a mature, well featured and tightly integrated E-Mail client in Gnome. It’s no suprise that it’s kept as default in Ubuntu, too. Sadly Evolution can come across as a bit complex for first […]

15 October 2009
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Make Nautilus more Helpful

It’s that time of the, er… sometime, where i cast my beady eye over the suggestions and ideas over at Ubuntu Brainstorm and either agree that an idea is the single greatest suggestion since someone […]

13 September 2009
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Should The ‘Ubuntu Software Store’ Be Renamed?

Ubuntu Karmic Koala will see the first step of the much heralded package-management replacement named ‘Software Store’ – whose name has caused a lot of controversy within the Ubuntu Community. What’s in a name? The […]

13 September 2009
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"Clever Windows" – Better than Gnome 3?

Gnome3 – aka ‘Gnome Shell’ – has been met with a mirth of derision within the Linux community for various reasons. Some don’t like progress, some don’t like the way it handles windows and some […]

25 June 2009